LPO Catch Up.

This past week has been pretty grim, I got a very bad case of tonsillitis that left me bed-bound the day after the LPO’s opening night; I reckon it was stress induced. My reason for thinking is from the fact that myself and Sophie hung 200+ photos on the Tuesday prior to the exhibition starting; of which 40 fell down overnight.IMG_0113We spent Wednesday picking the 10 honourable mentions and finishing off the hanging with the help of Ruth and Oli.IMG_0114That evening I prepared the ten adjudicated photos for their frames.IMG_0115And on the Thursday of the opening night I hung the frames whilst Sophie took care of the projector and Oli helped Katherine (the library manager) organise the cakes and drinks for the event.IMG_0118But on a pleasant note, the opening night itself was amazing, I never expected such a turnout for an inaugural event; the library received 270 visitors in those two short hours. I couldn’t be happier that so many people turned up.IMG_0119I cannot wait to see next years iteration.

If you haven’t yet I suggest you go down and take a look, there are some amazing pieces on exhibit and the framed prints (the prize winners and the honourable mentions) are amazing images, each as strong as the next.

Congratulations to everyone who entered and a massive thank you to everyone who came to the opening night of the inaugural Lancashire Photography Open, you made it a special evening.