Four From Dodochrome (Part 1).

Mother bear picked up my 8 rolls from the Post Office this afternoon to my surprise and appreciation, and when I got home I got to see what I had forgotten about, and it was quite nice to see the shots from a few weekend trips come out as I’d hoped.

I’m still surprised by the T2 every time I get negs back from a lab, I have it in my head that the AF will get it wrong when I need it most but it nails it 90% of the time, which is better than I expect (I assume it’s the lack of a manual focus ring which puts that little seed of doubt in my mind every time I use it).

But I don’t think you care about any of that anyway, you just want to see the photos, and here they are.IMG_0140IMG_0141IMG_0138IMG_0139I’ll upload the rest on Friday or next week, if not before then, I’ll see how things go.