Crapped Out.

It’s official, the iPad I’ve used since the inception of this blog has officially died a death. It can’t navigate through VSCO cam, takes a long, long time to take a screen grab and is occasionally unresponsive to inputs whilst typing and navigating various apps. I think I’m going to have to use my phone to write posts and process photos on the computer (not my favourite activity).

Another story though, I’ve finally finished that roll of Ektar. We went to Burleigh and I finished the roll on a hill walk: I miss forests and trials.

But I think I now know why I haven’t been shooting as much, I’m not familiar with what’s around me enough and I never have the T2 on me as my gym bag is the flimsiest object I own.

The task now it to find a lab that processes and scans without being extortionate. Hopefully that won’t take a month to sort out and I can be reminded of what is on that roll.