Plodding Along And Procrastinating.

So I didn’t do what I said I would, once again. I still haven’t found a lab to develop the rolls of Ektar; well I’ve found one but getting to it is difficult since I don’t drive.

At least by the time I get round to taking myself to the lab I should have 3 rolls, 2 Ektar and the second roll of Agfa Vista my granddad shot God knows when.

I need to get this done soon, I just don’t have any motivation; there are no galleries or museums on the Gold Coast (not including Brisbane (which is a trek away)).

I wish I brought more photography books with me, I keep adding to my artist research Google Drive folder but that’s not really doing anything to help. I should have brought some of the essay compilations I bought from Amazon; cannot for the life of me remember what they’re called. Hell, I might re-read my journal from 4 years ago and see if that helps. Only one way to find out.