Fully Off Tangent.

Whilst I’ve been grappling with the ever present fact that I haven’t been making any photos, I have been looking into home servers/NAS machines.IMG_0149As it looks more and more likely that we’ll be moving back to England in December, I’ve been reading into FreeNAS and seeing what it can do for me; since I now have a couple maxed out external drives full of photos and videos from holidays etc. As FreeNAS is Enterprise grade software, it is massive and quite intimidating; I think I’ll only be able to utilise 10% – 15% of the system with what I’m going to put in the machine.

I know it’s not a backup solution, but an off site backup will be in the works once I’ve built this. At the minute I’m going for consolidation.

So only half the year to wait, forget and get excited again to build something horrendously nerdy.