It’s A Sure Shot, When It Fires.

Before we moved to Bamaga we thinned out our possessions and placed most of it in storage.

Whilst we were looking through some of Fran’s things we saw an old camera case and Fran threw it at me. After opening it I saw an old Canon Sure Shot which Fran said was their family camera when she was young. I decided to bring it with me and put a roll of Ektar inside it.0001Unfortunately I won’t be able to see if it works properly or not until I get to a major city; which by Fran’s current argument of me getting residency, might take some time.

I’m going to assume it only has one shutter speed (which is really difficult to actuate) and aperture setting; I haven’t done nor will I conduct any research to find out if I’m correct on this matter; it really isn’t important to me.