Defunct Kit.

So free gear isn’t always a good thing, even if it’s from family. Unfortunately it appears the Canon Sureshot is a dud. I did touch on this in my last post but I want to divulge a bit more.

When I received the camera I did a quick check/test; make sure the shutter cocks, fires and winds the film on, which it did. My only hesitation when putting a roll in was the focusing system inside the camera and the sheer amount of pressure I had to use to depress the shutter button.

When I picked up the rolls from the lab the guy told me one was completely blank, I instantly assumed it was the roll that went through the Canon. A bit gutted I examined the rest of the rolls and proceeded to pay, the only redeeming aspect was not getting charged for the duff roll; every silver lining.

So I have a camera that is useless, which is now in the bin and the T2 which has had more than a few off frames within these rolls.

I’m not sure if it’s me assuming the camera supports AF lock or not or just my hands shaking during slow shots, or a combo of both.I’ll have to shoot another roll and see if they come out the same, if they do I’ll send it to a repair shop.