Christmas Goodies.

So I got my Chamonix, Pentax spot meter, Lee filters and released lenses which I’m absolutely stoked about; but I also got the multi-tool that belonged to my late Grandad and my still incomplete second lens wrap.

The only shame is the fact that my mum tore half of the bag apart and rearranged everything so it would fit inside her hold luggage (I don’t have any photos of what the innards looked like) so I’m going to have to spend time getting it right again which knowing me will take a week in itself.

As I wrote a while back, I need a new box of film; waiting on Film Ferrania, and a location to go to.

I tweeted a couple days ago that finding topographical maps for Australia is not as accessible as it is back in the UK and no-one has proven me wrong yet. I just want a 1:250,000 map of the Dandenong Ranges. I guess I’ll have to do some serious hunting.