Not For My Birthday.

So tomorrow will be my birthday, and I don’t think I’ll be getting anything photographic for it; I will be getting a new shaving brush though and saving for a new tripod.

Hopefully I’ll get a Gitzo Series 5, it’ll be a hell of a lot lighter than my Berlebach; which I’m not even getting shipped out yet because I know it’ll cost a fortune. I’ll need to buy a new box of CHS II too, my last box has since expired (not sure if I’ve already mentioned that or not).

I still need to find a darkroom or a place I can use Pyrocat-HD, I’ve asked a few darkrooms and they’ve all said no for health and safety reasons. One thing I have prepared for the next batch of Pyro are the bottles, but I’ll leave that for when I get it mixed up.

I hope I get the tripod and film before I go to Wilsons Prom, I’d like to take the Chamonix and actually shoot a few frames; only time will tell.