In The Rough.

Since I’ve been thinking about building a FreeNAS server, hopefully within the next year, I’ve been slowly combing through my hard drives and renaming files, rearranging albums and generally messing with my photos; completely ruining my Lightroom catalogue.

After renaming 30 folders, I’ve had to relocate the files in Lightroom; which is a serious pain. After scaring myself witless by booting Lightroom up from a 4 month old backup file I decided to remove the folders and re-add the newly renamed files so everything is in keeping with the new structure.

One plus from messing with all the photos is I actually paid attention to the photos in my archive and saw a few diamonds in the rough; or whichever analogy is more to your liking. At present I do not have the time to process them so I can’t show the photos just yet, but hopefully I’ll receive some respite shortly and find them again (unless after hours of staring at a screen ruined my eyes).